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Dave Boyce

Welcome to RevOps Summit 2021
Setting the tone for Revenue Operations in 2021. Learn what’s currently working in RevOps and how to improve your operations from experts around the world.

CRO & RevOps: Predictive, Data-Driven GTM Strategy

Progressive Revenue organizations have moved into the age of data-driven business management that goes well beyond managing pipelines...

Mike Weir


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Stop Pitching and Start Solving
Helping Customers Discover What They Really Want

Chances are you already have a handful of “go-to” questions you ask customers during a sales call. Maybe you recognize a few of these...

Tim Wackel
CEO & Founder



Change Management for RevOps

Join Yehonatan as he dives deep into the impact people have on your revenue operations

Yehonatan Schwarzmer
Business Intelligence Manager


RevOps Demystified - Lessons from the frontlines

Justin Michael and Patrick Joyce talk RevOps stacks, MOPs, ROPs, SOPs and DOPs and lessons from the trenches. Names changed to protect the innocent!

Justin Michael
CEO & Founder


Revolving Around Revenue: How the world's fastest growing companies align their RevOps around the the revenue north star

Join David Dulany, Founder/CEO of Tenbound to understand how top performing companies are using revenue as their key metric in alignment of Marketing, Sales Dev, RevOps and Sales to create a well oiled and predictable revenue machine...

David Dulaney

The Data Cloud and RevOps

87% of decision makers want to expand their ability to use external data. Join Kyle as he walks through Snowflake’s methodology to removing the silos between clouds that can help you create a unified system that connects your company to data providers in order to create the most relevant data for your business

Kyle Rourke
VP, Global Platform Strategy

Selling at a Higher Level: Effective Qualification for RevOps

Ever find yourself working on deals that don’t seem to close? How about sales cycles that go on forever then simply disappear? If this sounds familiar then you probably need to spend more time qualifying your sales opportunities more effectively...

Luke Robinson
VP of Marketing

RevOps for the Connected Enterprise

Most sellers and marketers (83 percent) believe it’s important that digital content be more interactive to provide self-service buyer enablement. The idea is that interactive tools like calculators or assessments foster more meaningful, self-directed experiences that will motivate more prospects to buy.

Dharmesh Singh
CEO & Co Founder

Why LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a Must-Have for Outbound Sales Teams

Lead databases naturally degrade by about 22.5% every year, according to HubSpot. When a salesperson cold calls a lead and hears “that person hasn’t worked here in two years,” their difficult task just became more challenging...

Michael Pedone

The Ultimate Tip on How to Build Your Account Based Strategy!

Join Ryan to learn why account based strategies are so important for todays operations teams. How the ideal program should work and what it should look like. Ryan also dives into one important concept, moving away from leads and using contacts.

Ryan Breneman
Director, RevOps

Using the Right Content in Your Cadence: Maximizing Response & Conversion to Meetings and Qualified Pipeline

What type of content creates the most top-of-funnel engagement and opportunity pipeline? Results from a new field trial by B2B DecisionLabs might surprise you...


Tim Riesterer
Chief Visionary

How to Build a Data-Driven Go-to-Market Motion

Join ZoomInfo's Theisen Chang and learn new tips and tricks to quickly implement and improve your go-to-market motion and accelerate revenue growth.


Theisen Chang
Senior Manager, Sales Development & Operations

Revenue Operations - A Benchmarked Informed Framework

The latest benchmarks published by RevOps Squared on Revenue Operations, coupled with a framework designed to eliminate the functional silo syndrome which can occur between marketing, sales, and customer success, by aligning the measurable outcomes impacted by Revenue Operations to the customer journey and company level metrics that drive enterprise value.

Ray Rike

Operationalizing an Effective Sales Coaching Program

Leveraging different types of meetings to coach your team, and what type of meeting is best suited to address different topics or skills How to coach reps in a way that encourages them to self-correct How to measure all disparate coaching activities get an overarching picture of individual rep performance Addressing the common challenges that many sales managers face - they don’t know how to coach effectively How to burn fewer coaching calories to get a bigger business impact

Steve Richard


You Are Now a Video Creator (Wait, I Thought I was in RevOps?!?)

Seeing is believing. Show don't tell. A picture's worth a thousand words. We all know the old adages, and we spend countless hours watching and recording videos in our personal lives. Yet when it comes to using video to support the way we work as RevOps and Sales teams, most of us haven't even crossed the starting line...

Tyler Lessard
Revenue Operations Lead

How to Calculate the ROI of Your Sales Tools

Mario is the CEO and Founder of Vengreso. He spent 87 consecutive quarters in B2B Sales and Leadership. He is one of 20 sales influencers invited to appear in the documentary film “The Story of Sales” and was named one of the Top 10 Sales Influencers by The Modern Sales Magazine. Mario is the host of the popular The Modern Selling Podcast.

Mario Martinez Jr.

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